Rocktron VELOCITY 300 - 300W Guitar Power Amp


  • $469.95

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Rocktron VELOCITY 300 Guitar Head
Rocktron has been designing power amplifiers specifically for guitar players since the early 1990Õs. The Velocity 300 is the latest in our line of Velocity power amps.

The Velocity 300 provides 150 watts/channel when used in stereo applications or 300 watts mono bridged into a 8 ohm load!

The Velocity 300 has a unique ÒReactanceÓ circuit that actually replicates the output impedance of tube amplifiersÑso you can get the same great sound that a tube amplifier delivers in a reliable solid state design. And, because it is a variable control, you can customize your Velocity 300 to sound like any of your favorite tube amps. Best of all, this feature is available in the mono bridged mode too!

In addition, the Velocity 300 has ÒDefinitionÓ controls to give you that little bit of edge you need to bring your playing out in the mix. It also has automatic short circuit protection, which detects problems and shuts down the amplifier before any internal damage can be done.


  • 115/230 VAC voltage selector switch.
  • An AC power detect circuit, which ensures that the amplifier outputs shut down first when AC is removed. This will guard against any thumps or pops that could otherwise occur, potentially damaging speakers when power is cut to the amplifier.
  • Differential input buffers to eliminate ground loop hum coming from the power amp

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