Blackstar ART100 100 Watt handwired valve head


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Blackstar Artisan Series 100 100W Hand wired Tube Amp Head

The Blackstar Artisan 100 guitar amp takes the boutique 100W design to a whole new level of flexibility. The Voice control is a timeline that chronicles the evolution of the genre from the earliest American designs through to British designs of the ླྀs and ྂs. This is achieved by switching the preamplifier voicing and power amplifier damping simultaneously.

The Artisan 100 and other amp heads from the Artisan Series are hand wired amplifiers representing the absolute highest standard of craftsmanship and boutique tone. With the emphasis on simplicity and sonic purity, every feature on these guitar amps has been refined to provide the artist with the widest range of reference vintage tones. Point-to-point tag board construction welded steel chassis' and finger jointed birch-ply cabinets are complemented by beautiful vintage red Tolex and etched aluminum panels.


  • 100W head
  • 4 x EL34 output tubes
  • 4-way Voice switch charts the timeline of 100W designs
  • Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
  • Impedance selector.


  • Mode 1: Early USA, High Damping/Lo Gain, Bright and clean
  • Mode 2: Twin USA, High Damping/Lo Gain, Bright and clean
  • Mode 3: Early UK, Med Damping/Med Gain, More power amp gain; crunchy
  • Mode 4: Late UK, Lo Damping/Hi Gain, More power amp gain; crunchy

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