Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Effect Pedal


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Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

With an expanded delay time of up to 6.4 seconds and new delay sounds, the BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal can find a way onto your pedalboard, and be applied to nearly any playing style. The DD-7 is a pristine digital delay with high-fidelity repeats, but it also offers a Modulation Delay mode for an added chorusing effect to the delay trails and an Analog Delay mode which models the warm delay trails of the highly sought after vintage BOSS DM-2 delay pedal.

Despite its size, the DD-7 offers lots of functionality by way of dual input and output jacks for mono or stereo operation. Different stereo modes can be selected, including traditional 2-in/2-out true stereo mode, panning mode for wide spatial delays, and effect + direct mode for complete control over mixing your signal.

Traditional simple adjustments are made via the Effect Level, Feedback, and Delay Time knobs. An external Tempo/Exp input is also available for expanded external control. By default, holding the pedal down for two seconds engages the tap-tempo mode, this mode is for matching a song's tempo by stepping on the pedal to the beat of the song, precluding the need for manually adjusting your pedal in the middle of a set. With the addition of a standard non-latching footswitch (like the optional BOSS FS-5U), tap-tempo can be controlled at any time while the pedal is active (except when the Hold function is engaged). This configuration effectively allows you to remain in tap-tempo mode while being able to engage and disengage the pedal by simply stomping on it. If you plug in a separately available expression pedal like the BOSS EV-5, you can program a parameter you wish for the expression pedal to control. Parameters include anything normally assigned to the Effect Level, Feedback, and Delay Time knobs. If you step on the pedal twice (while not in tap-tempo mode) the Hold function will be engaged. In the Hold mode, you can record and overdub multiple parts up to 40 seconds (20 seconds in stereo operation) to create lush soundscapes or creative cacophonies.


  • Up to 6.4 Seconds of Delay Time
  • Level, Feedback, and Delay Time Controls
  • Modes Include Analog and Mod Delays
  • True Stereo Operation
  • Tempo/Exp Input for External Control
  • Tap-Tempo Mode
  • Buffered Bypass


  • Package Weight: 1.35 lb
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.906 x 3.701 x 2.441"

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