Casio CTK800 61-Key Portable Keyboard - Touch Sensitive w/ Pitch Bend KEYBOARDS & SYNTHESIZERS
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Casio CTX800 61-Key Portable Keyboard - Touch Sensitive w/ Pitch Bend


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High-quality sounds and a strong performance presence.

The CT-X Series comes with the AiX Sound Source, which can produce a wide range of sound qualities from powerful bass tones to clear high tones. The exceptional computing power of the high performance LSI reproduces the natural charm of acoustic instrument sounds, such as the agreeable change in tone when a piano key is struck, the sensation of a drum performance, or soaring strings.

The high-speed digital signal processor is also applied for each sound type, such as melody, backing drum and bass, or organ. Even the standard ensemble for a keyboard delivers distinct sound for each instrument for an expressive performance.


• 61 keys with Touch Response, 48 Polyphony
• 600 Tones and 195 Rhythms
• Backlit LCD Screen for high visibility
• Touch Response for expressive performances
• Arpeggiator: 100 types
• Auto-accompaniment
• Keyboard includes a chord dictionary
• Auto Harmonize adds harmony, providing additional depth for performances
• Registration - Register detailed setups such as favourite tones, rhythms and tempos all in one go. Load them instantly when you need them, and it's easy to change settings mid-performance.
• Music Presets - Setups (tone, rhythm, etc.) for songs from a wide range of genres are available as presets. Just load one to create the performance you want.
• Pitch Bend Wheel adds realistic sounding guitar choking, sax bending, and other effects to keyboard play.
• Step Up Lessons to help learn short, easy-to-remember musical phrases.
• Grading and Voice instructions
• Lesson Part Selection (Right hand, left hand, both hands)
• Metronome
• 160 Track Song Bank
• Audio Input Port
• USB Port to easily connect to a computer. Save up to 10 tracks in addition to the built-in tracks.


Keyboard: 61 standard size keys
Touch Response: Sensitivity 3 types, Off

Maximum Polyphony: 48 notes (24 for certain tones)

Built-in Tones: 600
Functions: Layer, Split, Piano/Organ button

Reverb: 1 to 20, Off
Chorus: 1 to 10, Tone

• Beats per Measure: 0 to 9
• Tempo Range: 20 to 255

Song Bank:
• Demo Song: 1
• Built-in Songs: 160
• User Songs: 10*
• User-recorded songs: 6*
*Maximum capacity per song: Approximately 320 kilobytes

Step Up Lesson:
• Lessons: 3 (Listen, Watch, Remember), Easy Mode
• Lesson Part: L, R, LR
• Functions: Repeat, Voice Fingering Guide, Note Guide, Performance Evaluation

Auto Accompaniment: 
• Built-in Rhythms: 195
• User Rhythms: 10*
*Maximum capacity per rhythm: Approximately 64 kilobytes

Chord Book Function: Chord guide

Registration: 32 (4 setups x 8 banks)

• Real-time recording, playback
• Keyboard Play: 5 songs, 6 tracks
• Playing Along with a Built-in Songs: 1 song (L, R, LR)
• Memory Capacity: Approximately 40,000 notes (1 song)

Other Functions:
• Transpose: +/-1 octaves (-12 to +12 semitones)
• Octave Shift: Upper 1/Upper 2/Lower, +/-3 octaves
• Tuning: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)
• Preset Scales: 17
• Music Preset: 310
• One Touch Preset: 195
• Auto Harmonize: 12 types
• Arpeggiator: 100 types

MIDI: 16 multi-timbre received, GM Level 1 standard

Musical Information Function: Tone, Rhythm, Song Bank numbers and names, staff notation, fingering, pedal operation, tempo, measure and beat number, chord name, etc.

Pitch Bend Wheel: Pitch Bend Range 0 to 24 semitones

USB Flash Drive: SMF direct playback, data storage, data loading, data deleting, USB flash drive format

• USB flash drive port: TYPE A
• USB port: TYPE B
• PEDAL jack: Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm)
• Phones/Output jack: Stereo standard jack/Output Impedance 167Ω, Output Voltage 4.5V (RMS) MAX
• Audio In jack: Stereo mini jack/Input Impedance 10kΩ, Input Sensitivity 200mV

Power Jack: DC 9.5V

Power Supply:
• 2-way
• Batteries: 6 AA-size alkaline batteries
• Battery Life: Approximately 3 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries
• AC Adaptor: AD-E95100L
• Auto Power Off: Approximately 30 minutes after last operation; Can be disabled.

Speakers: 12cm x 2 (Output: 2.5W + 2.5W)

Power Consumption: 7.5 W

Dimensions (W x D x H): 94.8 x 35.0 x 10.9 cm / 37-5/16" x 13-3/4" x 4-5/16"
Weight: Approximately 4.4 kg (without batteries) / 9.7 lbs

Included Accessories: Music stand

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