Dean Markley DM2002A Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


  • $6.70

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The magical acoustic string that started it all! 85% Copper, 15% Zinc. This true bronze string has been delivering joy and fulfillment to the most demanding acoustic players since its very beginning over 30 years ago. The first and still the finest—Dean Markley VintageBronze™ now sports new graphics, tarnish resistant individual envelopes and an Environmental box. VintageBronze™ gives you clarity, tone and response like no other string. Add a great feel and long life, and there's not much more you could ask for, is there? Okay, we made the string, now you make the music. Dean Markley Vintage Bronze, handed down through the years, again and again. With an outer wrap diamond-drawn of 85/15 alloy, you’ll always have a special story to tell.

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