Dean Markley DM2503 Electric Guitar Strings


  • $5.40

Price Match

NickelSteel Electric™

New package, same great string! Flagship of our Electric line. Crafted from the finest 8% nickel plated steel made. NickelSteel has been creating great memorable licks on gold and platinum records for over 30 years.

The String

The cornerstone of Dean Markley Strings. If you lined up every set of NickelSteel Electric™ strings ever sold end to end, you would have a really, really long line of guitar string sets. Dean Markley NickelSteel Electric™… on top of the best-seller's list year after year. NickelSteel Electric™ sports new graphics, tarnish resistant individual envelopes and an Environmental box. NickelSteel Electrics sound fantastic and last a super long time

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