Dean Markley Dm2022 Gold Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Guitar Strings
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Dean Markley DM2022 Gold Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings


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Alchemy™ GoldBronze™ Acoustic

Alchemy GoldBronze™ is a string that you just have to experience. Brilliance, power, punch, harmonics, life—you and your guitar will never be the same again.

The String

The GoldBronze are Bright & Powerful and they work particularly well in my Live Performances as the Melody and Chordal work are there right up front with the Bass presence just nice, round & supportive - they also look great on the instrument, all the Gold just adds a very nice cosmetic and contemporary touch and feel to strings (when was the last time you heard that said about Strings?)...once again the voice separation and Tonal Balance is just SUPERB and I was hearing Harmonic overtones and other hidden stuff coming out of my Guitar that I didn't even know existed..!! - Amrit Sond, U.K.

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