Dean Markley Dm2026 Goldphos Acoustic Guitar Strings Guitar Strings
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Dean Markley DM2026 Goldphos Acoustic Guitar Strings


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Alchemy™ GoldPhos™ Acoustic

Alchemy GoldPhos™—because different guitars sound different with different alloys. Try a set of GoldBronze and GoldPhos and find the one that's perfect for you.

The String

The GoldPhos are Beautifully sounding with a warm and evenly nice rounded Tonal Projection with a very FULL-ON sound. These work particularly well in my Studio settings, as there is not much EQ to add or take away due to the character-landscape type of sound that they offer. They have a very balanced and even feel about them. Again - with total voicing separation, and their Quality of sound is total Inspiration…!

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