Dean Markley Piezo Tansducer Pickup


  • $74.95

Price Match

Sweet Spot™

Under-The-Saddle Bridge Pickup

The Pickup

Slip a Sweet Spot™ under the saddle and enjoy the soulful sound of your acoustic. And nothing else. NO EQ. No Compression. No pre-amp. No batteries to rattle around. Just plain old great acoustic-sound. Because at Dean Markley, we still remember that the sound of a good old acoustic can be the most electrifying thing in the world. For years, guitarists have put up with inferior acoustic pickups because reproducing the natural sound of an acoustic guitar was expensive. Or inconvenient. Or required major modifications to the guitar. That all changed when Dean Markley introduced the Sweet Spot. Easy to install, and easy on the wallet. Now you can enjoy the true sound of your acoustic guitar. No compression. No EQ. No pre-amp. Very convienient. Dean Markley’s Sweet Spot… finally, an under-saddle pickup that isn’t for the birds.

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