Electro-Voice 635A Dynamic Microphone Broadcast Mics

Electro-Voice 635A Dynamic Microphone


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The E-V Model 635A is a dynamic omni-directional microphone designed for exacting professional applications, and is ideally suited for film production, recording, FM, AM, and TV broadcasting, and for the more demanding PA applications. The Model 635A is supplied with the Model 312 stand clamp adapter. The non-reflecting fawn beige micomatte finish is ideal for on-camera use. The high output level and low sensitivity to mechanical shock make it excellent for interviews, for pass-around use in audience participation, for hand-held use by vocalists, or as a lavalier. This microphone features the exclusive non-metallic Electro-Voice Acoustalloy diaphragm which permits a very smooth response over a wide frequency range, and withstands high humidity and temperature extremes, corrosive effects of salt air, and severe mechanical shocks. It is practically indestructible with normal use. A four-stage pop and dust filter insures completely pop-free performance and virtually eliminates the need for an external windscreen for outdoor use. An internal shock absorber effectively reduces pickup of cable and other noise generated by external contact. The Electro-Voice 635A family of microphones is seen everywhere because of their high output and low susceptibility to mechanical shocks. This omni-directional microphone will deliver outstanding, rugged performance in practically any situation
  • Most popular news gathering microphone in the world
  • Durable and road-worthy
  • Refered to as "The Hammer" for its resilience

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