High End Studio Spot 250 Moving Head Fixture USED RENTAL ITEM - each


  • $1,000.00

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This is one of the first fixtures in the industry to incorporate a compact light weight design along with powerful luminance and vast features utilizing the latest high temperature, impact resistant plastics.


  • MSD 250/2 lamp with 6200K color temperature
  • Produces over 4000 field lumens.
  • The fixture's color selection is handled via a 13 position color wheel with super high-quality, replaceable dichroic filters.
  • 7 High End Lithopatterns on the gobo wheel allowing fully indexable and rotational options.
  • Strobing with instant blackout, variable and random speed strobing, dimming while strobing, and blinking function.
  • Dimming and rapid strobing capabilities.
  • LED full menu status indicators.
  • Stepper driven motors and high quality optics.
  • On-board programming with internal preset memory.
  • 540° pan and 270° tilt.
  • The Studio Spot 250 uses LWR multi-phase technology to deliver stunningly fast, smooth and quiet yoke movement.
  • price is for 1 unit

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