Ibanez GSR200B-WNF 4 String Electric Bass - Oukume Body - Walnut Flat


  • $359.95

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When it comes to design talk, the first thing that we feel like pointing out is that this is a rather comfortable bass guitar. It has a sleek finish that just grips onto your hands and torso, a slim neck that is very easy to play – something Ibanez is known for in general – along with a light weight to make those longer gigs easier and less physically stressful.

Apart from that, the aesthetic side isn’t half bad either. The slightly darker natural finish and signature black Ibanez headstock make a very good combo together, giving the instrument a memorable elegant vintage charm.

Once again back on the ergonomic side, we have to note that the manufacturer has done a solid job with the instrument’s fret, as we have notice very few odd frets or rattle or buzz produced by the frets. The finish job on the neck was also well done, and you don’t get those sticky fingers cheap guitars tend to give from time to time, even when playing fast lines all over the neck.


As a part of the company’s budget-friendly GIO series, the bass utilizes a solid mahogany body, which is an awesome factor right from the get-go. Placing high-end, high-quality resonant wood like that on a bass you can get for $250 from the right retailer is no mean feat, so kudos to the manufacturer for that.

Further on up the road, the instrument utilizes a maple neck with 22 frets and a classic rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlays.

Focusing on the electronic section, this is an active bass with two quite versatile pickups – the warmer B10 jazz pickup in bridge position and the punchier Dynamix P precision pickup in the neck position. Being an active bass, a classic 3-band EQ control is pretty much a must, along with an obligatory Volume knob. The combo of two different pickups and additional equalizer control offers a very vast number of sonic combinations, which is something we like very much.

Additional notable features include a light 9 lbs weight, a total size of 40 x 3 x 12 inches, a black fixed bridge with strings attached through the bridge itself, black hardware, and a set of four die-cast tuners that do a fine job in keeping the instrument in top shape.


This instrument has been crafted to sound as close to more expensive Ibanez models as possible, and the company did a very good job. It obviously became apparent to Ibanez folks that their competitors have also been churning out some very solid instrument at lower prices (check out our Best Basses Under $300 section for more on that), and they obviously didn’t want to lag behind.

And with this fella, they could emerge as your winner! The bass delivers an impeccable sound, and while we recommend having this puppy set up by a pro after purchase for best results, we can confidently say that the GSR200BWNF packs everything that made Ibanez great – high versatility, an even distribution of all frequencies across the sonic specter, a super playable neck, and a sleek universal design.

The instrument feels great in hands and the sonic attack is really powerful. The pickup combo we’ve just discussed offers a great variety of sounds, ranging from mellow tones with zero edge all the way to those gritty sounds that can only be made by a precision pickup cranked to 11. From pop through jazz through heavy metal, this fella will cover you back.

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