JBL EON-ONE-PRO All-in-One Rechargable Linear-Array P.A. System


  • $2,086.95

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 Get that world-renowned JBL Professional sound, anytime, anywhere with the new JBL EON ONE PRO - the first, portable, battery-powered, linear-array PA system in its class. With a lighter, more compact design and up to six hours of play time provided by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can now take your performances to places you've only dreamed of. Bring the band along and get pristine audio quality through its seven-channel analog mixer with integrated effects. And keep the crowd engaged between sets by streaming Bluetooth audio from your mobile device.

Carry your PA with just one hand. Set up and get that legendary JBL sound in seconds. Cut the cord and give your fans powerful, unique experiences - pop-up performances, remote weddings, subway stops, beach bonfires, rooftops, street corners, and more - the only limitation is your imagination. PLAY ANYWHERE with the new JBL EON ONE PRO.

    • 6 hours of battery playtime with high-capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery
    • Carry the compact and ultra-light EON ONE PRO with just one hand its only 37.5 lbs/17 kg
    • Wireless Bluetooth streaming of break music or backing tracks
    • Easily plug in and mix multiple microphones and instruments through its integrated 7-channel mixer featuring Hi-Z inputs, phantom power, and XLR pass-thru for expansion
    • Keep your mobile device handy and powered up with a built-in stand and USB charging port
    • Capture the moment or add lighting effects with the built-in accessory mount for a camera or lighting element
  • Deliver chest-thumping bass and coverage through an unobstructed 8 subwoofer and linear array design


Battery: lithium-ion rechargeable, 6-hour play time 
Max SPL: 118 dB (peak) 
Bass: 8" LF bass unit 
Driver: 6 x 2" HF drivers 
100 x 50 Clean Coverage using patent-pending Directivity Control Geometry 
Seven-channel mixer with Bluetooth streaming audio, +48V phantom power, Hi-Z, and a pass-thru XLR connector 
USB charging port and tablet stand 
Weight: 37.5 lbs. / 17 kg

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