Odyssey FRGSDJCM Med/Large DJ Controller Case with Glide -Flight Ready


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Odyssey presents Flight Ready® series universal DJ Controller cases. Guarantee secure transport for the diverse variety of today's popular DJ controllers where upgrading from one controller to the next can be as common to the active DJ as the general public is now with smart phones. Each features our patented Glide Style™ laptop platform design and stylish front and rear removable V-Cut™ panels. The FRGSDJCM controller case holds medium to large size gear such as the Pioneer DDJ-RR/DDJ-SR, Numark NV, Numark Mixtrak Pro III, Tracktor Kontrol S8, and much more!

Features and Specifications

Patented Gliding Laptop Platform

Removable V-Cut™ Front and Rear Access Panels

Universal Do-It-Yourself Interior Adjustment Foam*

Heavy-Duty Ball Corners

Recessed Handle and Latches

Bottom Rubber Feet

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Accommodates Various Medium to Large Size DJ Controllers such as...

Gemini G4V*
Numark 4Trak
Numark iDJPRO
Numark Mixdeck Express*
Numark Mixtrack III*
Numark Mixtrack Platinum*
Numark Mixtrack Pro III*
Numark N4
Numark NS6
Numark NS6II*
Numark NV
Numark NVII*
Pioneer DDJ-ERGO
Pioneer DDJ-RR*
Pioneer DDJ-SR*
Pioneer DDJ-SR2*
Reloop Beatmix 4
Reloop Beatmix 4 MK2*
Reloop Terminal Mix 4
Roland DJ-505*
Traktor Kontrol S8*

Approximate Dimensions (exterior):

28.75"W x 9.75"H x 19"D

Approximate Dimensions (interior):

24"W x 1.75+2.5"H x 13"D

Approximate Weight:

32 lbs

Approximate Shipping dimensions (exterior):

30" x 10" x 19.5"

Approximate Shipping weight:

35 lbs

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