Radial Tonebone Hot British Tube Distortion Effect Pedal GUITAR DISTORTION PEDALS
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Radial Tonebone Hot British Tube Distortion Effect Pedal GUITAR DISTORTION PEDALS
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Radial Tonebone Hot British Tube Distortion Effect Pedal


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Hot British 12AX7 Tube Distortion Pedal

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About the Hot British

  • High-gain double-stack ‘plexi-in-a-box’!
  • Real 12AX7 tube for warm natural tone
  • Powerful EQ for extreme tonal flexibility
  • Retains note clarity even at high gain

The Tonebone Hot British is tube distortion at its best! Fashioned from a modified Marshall double-stack Plexi, the Hot British delivers five decades of brute power for everything from scooped-out chunky rhythm to screaming sizzling hot lead tones.

The design begins with a triple gain stage that combines the control and dynamics of solid-state with the warmth and harmonic generation only possible from a real 12AX7 tube. This unique design produces ultra-rich harmonic textures and full-on saturated tube settings without the mud or noise that is typical with other pedals. Even when played at blistering speeds, each note retains its distinctiveness and clarity, right down to the lowest note.

Switch on the Contour, dial in the passive-interactive EQ and wham! – you are now in a world where huge, musically rich tones that you never thought possible magically come alive. The carefully crafted controls are easily manipulated to create an incredible array of textures that range from old school Deep Purple and Tom Shultz’s unique Boston sound to Queen’s Brian May or right into the boldest Metallica. No other pedal delivers more – no other pedal even comes close!

The Tonebone Hot British… Five generations of Marshall tone right at your feet. God Save the Queen!

The Radial Tonebone Hot British is a tube guitar distortion pedal that combines a real 12AX7 tube with an ultra-low noise hybrid circuit. It is modelled after the mega-stack tones from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s to produce rich harmonics and deep powerful bass and is without a doubt the metal player’s delight.

The Hot British features a unique voicing switch and contour control for huge tonal range. The voicing switch selects a fat boost or mid-notch and the contour control sweeps the center frequency. The scooped mid-setting lets you dial-in ‘chunk’ to match your amp while the ‘fat’ setting lets you enhance the mid-range for up-front power chords and soloing.

Powerful high and low EQ let the player compliment the tone of his system and a top end switch can compensate for overly bright or dark sounding amplifiers. Best of all, even at high distortion settings, the Hot British does not muddy-up.

Each string retains its distinctiveness, allowing complex chords to work when distorted.


• Real 12AX7 tube distortion

• True bypass switching

• Powerful EQ for wide tonal range

• Mid-range boost cuts through the mix

• Voicing switch adds “scooped” or “fat” character Applications

• Gives you that mega-stack-on-eleven sound!

• Tons of harmonic overtones

• Works equally well for solo and rhythm

• From chunk to metal to power solos Cool Factors

• Amazing dynamics

• Turns a clean Fender* into a Marshall* stack!

• Ultra-low noise circuit design

• Great for direct recording

Dimensions (W x D x H) • 6.9” x 4.5” x 2” (175mm x 114mm x 52mm)

• Includes 15VDC power supply

• 3 Year transferable warranty



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