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Rane SSL Serato Scratch LIVE! DJ Software and Hardware Scratch Solution – SERATO

Scratch LIVE, from Rane and Serato, is the ultimate software and hardware solution for bridging the analog world of turntablism and the digital world of computer audio files. Using regular turntables or CD players, you can scratch and mix files from your Mac or Windows XP computer's CD or hard drive, add in a live mic input for scratching, and even bypass to standard vinyl if you wish. Scratch LIVE is the complete digital solution for the vinyl junkie - you may never take your records out of the closet again!

The Scratch LIVE USB interface connects one or two standard vinyl or CD turntables to your computer. This extremely rugged, portable, high quality, bus-powered USB audio device features two switchable phono or line inputs, a microphone input, two line outputs, and pass thru outputs for the phono/line and mic. The included vinyl LPs each have a control signal which allows Scratch LIVE to track the motion of the record, simulating the same movement with digital audio. The result is a feel and sound that is indistinguishable from scratching vinyl. As a producer and DJ, the track you finished today can be played on a real turntable tonight. You'll never have to cut a dubplate again!


  • Interface for connecting your turntables, CD players and mixer to your computer
  • Software for scratching, mixing and spinning MP3s loaded onto your computer
  • Superior graphical interface with all the info you need to mix it up right
  • Includes specially coded vinyl records for old school feel
  • Use with any turntables or mixer
  • Mac and PC compatible