Rocktron UTOPIA BASS WAH Pedal


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Rocktron UTOPIA BASS WAH Pedal
We couldn't resist providing an outstanding wah pedal just for bass players!

The Utopia Bass Wah pedal is the answer to your prayers with a solid construction, road ready, cool looking wah that delivers the goods for bass.

We've voiced this for howling and growling BASS maniacs! You will love this wah pedal and how it performs with your bass rig.

The Utopia Bass Wah has a comfortable feel and is very expressive. Use batteries for power, or hook up Rocktron's DC OnTap Universal Power Adaptor (or 9V DC adaptor).

Whether you are already using a wah pedal with your bass, or you are looking to add one for the first time, the Utopia Bass Wah is a choice you will want to make as the Rocktron bass wah sound is incredible

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