Rocktron UTOPIA G200B Utopia with Banshee Built in GUITAR MULTI FX
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Rocktron UTOPIA G200B Utopia with Banshee Built in


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Rocktron UTOPIA G200B Utopia with Banshee Built in
Rocktron does it again with another worldÕs first this time we married a professional guitar system floor unit with a talk box! ThatÕs right, the Utopia meets the Banshee in this incredibly innovative product that is a tone monster and an effects tool beyond belief!

Rocktrons Utopia G200B Professional Guitar System provides an arsenal of tone and effects processing with the added bonus of the Banshee talk box. The G200B is packed with great sounds ready to transform any guitar amplifier into a powerhouse of rock! A new feature previously unavailable in multi-effects floor processing is the inclusion of the world famous Rocktron Banshee Talkbox.

Unlike other talk boxes, the G200B talk box allows for digital distortion and effects to be used with the talk box effect allowing you to create new talk box tones and sounds! Simply put the G200B between you and your amp and let your inspiration flow. Rocktron stands alone with amazing tone generation and effects in the G200B everything you need to create your own signature sound and define a new generation of playing, Play in Utopia where the future is amazing.

Incredible tone and awesome sounding effects are at your feet with the Utopia G Series, professional guitar systems. ThereÕs a reason you donÕt find Rocktron sounds modeled in our competitors products. because only Rocktron has them! Find out why Rocktron stands alone with amazing distortion and effects with the Utopia series. WeÕve loaded these babies with 64 factory preset sounds and 64 user presets for a total of 128 presets. Everything you need to create your own signature sound has been included: four totally usable channels, 4-band EQ, and full bandwidth effects give you the tools to create awesome high quality tones that will define and complement your individual playing style.

Controls include RATE which controls the speed of the LFO waveform used to modulate the delay. DEPTH controls the delay line maximum travel time and intensity; this adjusts the amount of modulation. INTENSITY controls the amount of chorus effect that is added to your signal.

Tons of effects, plus a talk box a Rocktron exclusive! Unlike other Banshee talk boxes in the Rocktron product range, the Utopia G200B talk box makes use of the internal presets of the G200B. Different distortions and effects can be used with the talk box to create new and different tones and sounds.

The Utopia series is easy to use and operate. Fully programmable, the G Series features easy-to-read Cool Blue LCD Display, (no cryptic tables to decipher or matrix-led crossword puzzles just plain easy). Not merely a plastic toy, the Utopia G Series are built with a rugged metal chassis and roadworthy professional grade expression control pedal made from metal!

Channel selections allow awesome tones (Clean, Texas, British and Mega). Pre-effects include wah, phaser, compressor. Post effects include chorus, flanger, pitch shift, tremolo, delay and reverb. You also get Rocktron exclusives like our state-of-the-art Speaker Simulator (for the best recording you can get), Variac (tube sag emulation) and HUSH noise reduction.

All models in the Utopia G Series include: Motorola¨ 24 Bit DSP Engine with AKM Converters, Full bandwidth effects, Stereo outputs, Heavy Duty Headphone Output (1/8 stereo phone), Auxiliary (MP3/CD/iPOD) Input (1/8 stereo phone), Rugged professional grade chassis and expression pedal made from metal, Power supply

The G200B includes 128 total user programmable presets. The G200B provides USB audio recording and playback connectivity, built in tuner, glow in the dark pedal board markings, illuminated footswitches, MIDI in and MIDI out/thru, assignable effect on/off, tap delay note quantization (1/16, 1/8, triplet, 1/4, 1/2 and whole). The G200B also provides Up/Down preset Bank by 3 with 3 instant recall buttons and a 2nd mode (1 assignable effect on/off footswitch, 1 mute/tuner footswitch, 1 tap delay footswitch when the 2nd mode is active).

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