Sabian XSR17BF 17 Concept Crash Cymbal CRASH CYMBALS
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Sabian XSR17BF 17" Concept Crash Cymbal


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The 17" Concept Crash marks a bold new direction for the Sabian XSR series, with more projection, sustain, and musicality than ever before. Uniform lathing unlocks a hotter, higher-output glassiness and more of that Sabian B20 character you love. Additional TLC in the cold-working stage enhances this cymbal's appearance and note length. Finally, a lower-profile bell gives the Concept Crash a versatile and dynamic range, which suits it equally well to stage work as well as studio work. Discover for yourself what the Concept series is all about — check out the Sabian 17" XSR Concept Crash today!


Product Attributes
  • UPC:  622537087936
  • Model Name:  XSR17BF


Product Features
  • A new direction for the XSR series
  • Extra cold-working enhances appearance and note length
  • Low-profile bell provides a wide dynamic window
  • Masterfully crafted from musically rich B20 bronze
  • Uniform lathing unlocks a hotter, higher-output brightness and extra B20 character


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