Samson Se50 Wireless Miniature Headset Microphone Headworn Wireless Systems
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Samson Se50 Wireless Miniature Headset Microphone Headworn Wireless Systems
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Samson SE50 Wireless Miniature Headset Microphone


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Samson SE50 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone
Includes three windscreens, clothing clip and case. Four cable adapters included fit most popular wireless transmitters

Not all hands-free microphones have to look like you stole them form an air traffic control tower. The low-profile Samson SE50 is a headset mic that does its job and stays out of the way. After all, what's the point of a headset mic that distracts from your presentation? Nor do you have to spend a fortune for quality voice amplification. Samson has a well-earned reputations for delivering high-fidelity recording products at unbeatable prices, so you can upgrade your sound system without breaking a sweat.

Superior Sound
The SE50 is an omnidirectional capsule design. This means it has a non-linear frequency response to audio coming in from all angles, which in turn means that voices amplified through the SE50 will always sound clear and natural, no matter what angle the mic is aimed at. This is perfect for fitness instructors and actors who are always moving. If the mic shifts a little, the sound won't change dramatically. A more consistent sound makes for easier sound management and a more pleasant listening experience for the audience. The omnidirectional pickup also means the SE50 can be worn on either side of the head without any additional adjustments necessary. Featuring a detachable cable (easier maintenance) and four connection adaptors (mini-XLR, XLR-four-pin, mini-Phono, locking four-pin), the Samson SE50 adds stellar sound reproduction to just about any manufacturer's wireless system--including Samson's own wireless systems, of course.

Positioning Stability
After audio quality, the next major hurdle in low-profile head-worn microphones is positioning. The SE50 clears this obstacle with stability and comfort, employing a cushioned "retaining band." Once slipped over the ear, the SE50 is easily secured to its proper position without causing the wearer any discomfort.

Reliability Under Pressure
When Samson says that the SE50 headset mic features a "moisture resistant coating," we all know what they're talking about: sweat and spit. Let's face it, humans are gross, and our natural liquid expulsions don't mix well with fine electronics. The SE50 employs not only the aforementioned moisture-barrier finish, but also an adjustable drip ring that offers additional protection to that most delicate part of the unit--the mic element. That means the SE50 will live longer, and reduces the chance of audio failure mid-performance or presentation due to disgusting dermal and mandibular secretions. Hooray!

Skin-Tone Options Perfect For Theatre
Nothing takes you out of watching a production of Troilus and Cressida in the park like seeing Diomedes attempt to wax romantic while wearing a headset in which he could cram several Trojan warriors. Luckily for the period-piece-sensitive, the SE50 comes in two "neutral" skin tones in addition to a utilitarian black. Samson provides both "beige" and "cocoa" options to complement a wider range of skin complexions.

For theatre and fitness applications, the Samson SE50 is an obvious choice for improved comfort, reliability, and sound quality. But even lecturers sweat. No matter what kind of public presentation you do, the Samson SE50 will be a welcome addition to your gig bag.

The Samson SE50 Headworn Microphone is a low profile, miniature condenser microphone with a 2.5mm capsule that provides outstanding audio reproduction, making it perfect for presentation, fitness and other vocal applications.

The microphone can be easily shaped to fit the left or right ear and the unique retaining band holds the mic in place even when used in fitness applications. Thanks to the omnidirectional pickup pattern, the microphone's off-axis frequency response is linear, resulting in a clear and articulate reproduction, regardless of the position of the capsule relative to the sound source.

The mic has also been specially treated with a water resistant coating, providing extra protection from sweat and other moisture. Additionally, there is a moisture-guard drip ring to further protect the capsule and ensure reliable performance.

Available in both beige and black, the SE50 is particularly well suited for use with Samson wireless systems. And with four included adapters, the microphone can be used with most any other manufacturer's wireless beltpack systems. The SE50 kit also includes a clothing cable clip, detachable cable, three windscreens and an attractive carry case to hold the SE50 and its accessories, as well as a compartment to hold most any beltpack transmitter.

Manufactured with extreme care and the highest quality components, the SE50 delivers exceptionally clear, articulate sound with reliable performance in an extremely low profile design.


  • Micro-miniature condenser with 2.5mm capsule
  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern, off-axis linear frequency response
  • Fits left or right ear and retaining band holds mic in place
  • Moisture resistant coating
  • Detachable cable
  • Adjustable drip ring helps protect mic element from sweat
  • Four cable adapters for compatibility with most popular wireless transmitters

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