Stanton STR8-150M2 Direct Drive Turntable


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The STR8.150 M2 Direct-Drive Turntable from Stanton features a static balanced straight tonearm with Cardan’s suspension and detachable headshell. The S-shape tonearm comes with the height fine adjust function.

The Deckadance 2 software's ability to be run as either a standalone application or within your favorite host application (such as a DAW with VST support) allows for flexible configurations. It can also run VST-compliant effects and/or soft synths and can be used to control your performances with MIDI controllers, time-coded vinyls, and CD systems.


Motor torque up to 4.5
Heavy-duty aluminum construction with a low-resonance base
Straight tone arm with height fine adjust
Ultra-stable, damped platter
Adjustable brake speed
Selectable pitch control (8, 25, and 50% range) with Quartz Lock
Speed: 33, 45 and 78 rpm with Reverse
Removable target light and adjustable shock-absorption feet
Selectable phono or line RCA outputs
Slip mat, 45 adapter, and right-angled cable included
Full version of Deckadance DVS software included

Deckadance 2 Software

Number of Decks: 2 or 4 decks along with horizontal-layout views, featuring miniature decks on the left and horizontally stacked, zoomable waveforms across the screen
SmartKnobs: Link a single knob to any number of FX and mixer interface targets under user-programmable envelope control
GrossBeats: Trigger tempo-perfect scratch, stutter, and glitch effects
Custom Buttons: 8 user-programmable buttons per deck with an integrated editor

Stanton STR8150M2 Specs

Output Connectors Phono/line
Motor Direct Drive/16-pole, 3-phase, brushless DC motor
Turntable Platter 13" (332 mm) aluminum die-cast
Tone Arm Static balanced straight tonearm with Cardan's suspension and detachable headshell
Torque Starting Torque: More than 4.5
Tracking Force 0 to 0.1 oz (0 to 3 g)
Speeds 33.3, 45, 78 rpm
Pitch Control Range ±8%, ±25%, ±50%
Wow and Flutter Less than 0.1% WRMS (JIS WTD) with 33.3 rpm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio More than 60 dB (DIN-B)
Power Requirements Not specified by the manufacturer
Dimensions Effective Arm Length: 7.63" (194 mm)
Weight Applicable Cartridge Weight: 0.45 to 0.63 oz (13 to 18 g)


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