Svetlana Preamp Vacuum Tube


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Brand new 12AX7 tube and at this time available only in North America. Use it to replace all other 12AX7, ECC83, and 7025 tube types. Solid construction and build quality and all test great on our equipment The Svetlana™ 12AX7 is a miniatureglass-envelope small-signal dual triodeintended for use as a low-noise preamplifier foraudio applications. It is a direct plug-inreplacement for any 12AX7, 7025 or ECC83 inmusic or audio amplifiers. All ratings of theSvetlana 12AX7 meet or exceed those of theoriginal version; top-quality cathode materialsand extensive aging yield outstandingperformance in high-fidelity amplifiers. TheSvetlana 12AX7 is made exclusively at theSvetlana Electron Devices factory in St.Petersburg, Russia, and is marketedworldwide by PM Components Ltd. and in theUSA by PM of America Inc.

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