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The Vestax PMC 55 is an upgraded version of the highly successful PMC 50 and PMC 50A. It has been chosen by many top DJ's and clubs as their preferred mixer of choice due to it's flexibility and high quality components. Pro users of this model include Ritchie Hawtin, Carl Cox and Alex Patterson of The Orb. The PMC 55 is a 12 input, 4 channel mixer with a stereo FX loop, dual balanced XLR outputs, booth output with assignable source, VCA crossfader with curve control and user replaceable input faders with a rotary "dial fader" option. Each channel features individual gain, metering, pan, three band EQ with bypass switch, FX send and insert point. The maximum gain and EQ boost of each channel can also be limited by internal switches, preventing any possible distortion to the master output stage of the mixer. The master output section also has a -10dB and -20dB attenuation switch to prevent any further increase in output gain before the amplifier. This feature makes the PMC 55 an obvious selection for large nightclubs and sound engineers alike. Features:
  • LED indicator has been provided for each channel's CUE switch.
  • The booth output can be selected from CUE, Master 1 or Master 2 for flexible monitoring.
  • The AUX (FX) loop can be selected from either pre or post fader for different effect possibilities.
  • The EQ range on each band has been changed from +/-16dB to -24/+6dB. This enables greater cut of each bandwidth, and less possibilities of distortion through EQ boost.

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