Yamaha MODX8 88-Key Synthesizer


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Interactive controls include easily assignable sliders and knobs, pitch and modulation wheels, and the Super Knob—a large illuminated control that facilitates manipulation of multiple parameters simultaneously. Utilize the MODX8's Motion Sequences to rhythmically modify settings and tweak the rhythmic control data in real time. Thanks to Live Sets, you can structure your Performances without having to copy, reorder, or rename them.

Connect to your computer via USB to send and receive multichannel audio and MIDI over a single cable. Additionally, the MODX8 provides traditional 5-pin MIDI I/O, two 1/4" line outputs, and a 1/4" headphone jack. Two 1/4" analog inputs enable versatile processing of external audio sources, which can also feed the source-selectable envelope follower. 1/4" inputs are also present for foot controllers and footswitches (available separately). The MODX8 is supplied with an AC adapter.

Motion Control Synthesis unifies and controls AWM2 and FM-X sound engines
Super Knob controls multiple parameters simultaneously for highly expressive sound interaction
USB connectivity supports multichannel audio I/O (ten channels out and four channels in) plus 16-channel MIDI in and out
Live Sets allow Performance organization without copying, changing order, or renaming
4-Part Seamless Sound Switching enables changing Performances while holding notes without cutting off the sound or effect
Direct Control Assignment assigns controls at the touch of a button
The A/D input processes external audio sources with your the MODX8's DSP
Motion Sequences drive synthesizer parameters through rhythmic control data you can interact with in real time
The Envelope Follower allows internal or external audio to be used as a synth parameter control source
AWM2 provides data compression without sacrificing sound quality
Large LCD touchscreen and easy navigation controls
Onboard DSP processing including reverb, 3-band EQ, and more
Lightweight for easy transport

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