Clearsonic A5-1 Acrylic Shield System


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ClearSonic A5-1 Panel
5.5' High, 2' Wide, (Single Section) Add-On Clear Acrylic Panel with Hinge

Sound source isolation during concerts or in the studio environment is a constant issue that needs to be address in the face of multiple microphone set-ups.

ClearSonic Panels (CSP) facilitate acoustic separation between instruments on stage or in the studio, helping reduce drum bleed into vocal or instrument microphones, and in the concert stage situation, allowing for a lower stage volume so that the performers can hear themselves better.

The A5-1 5.5' high panel, made from high quality 1/4" thick clear acrylic, is a 2' wide, add-on panel for A5-x multiple panel systems and includes a durable, full-length transparent hinge.

  • Features:
  • Add-on 5.5' high acrylic isolation panel for A5-x systems
  • Clear acrylic panels provide an unobstructed view of equipment and/or performer
  • Hinged panels allow the system to be folded into a compact form for transportation or storage

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