American Dj Scene-Setter 24Ch Dmx Dimming Console. Midi. 4600 Scenes. 48 Reco


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24 channel conventional dimming console
Two scene operation (A/B faders)
4200 programmable scenes- password protected
48 programmable chases (stacks)- password protected
Solo & Pile On chase operation
Blind & Dark functions
24 individual channel faders
24 bump buttons
Tap Sync button for chase speed / fade override
Independent speed & fade control
Full-On button for 100% momentary output to all 24 channels
Bright LCD display
Use in conjunction with the Elation: DP-DMX20L, CYBER PAK, UNI PAK-II, UNI BAR, DP-415, DP-640, RMD620 & RMD1210
Audio input and built in microphone for music sync operation
Audio level fader
Fog Machine input and trigger button- compatible with Vaporizer, MB-1000, Stallion, Vapor- Flow, Fog Storm-1200 & 1700
DMX Polarity switch (2-, 3+, / 2+, 3-)
Midi In, Out & Thru connectors
Power: 120V / 12V DC, 500mA. (Included) *Also available in 220V
Dimensions: 10.5L x 19W x 3H
Weight: 11 lbs

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