Ampeg SVT-210AV Micro Bass Cabinet BASS CABINETS
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Ampeg SVT-210AV Micro Bass Cabinet BASS CABINETS
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Ampeg SVT-210AV Micro Bass Cabinet


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Ampeg SVT210AV Cabinet
2 x 10" Bass Cabinet for SVT Micro Head

The SVT210AV is a pint-sized cabinet that's chock full of the same classic tone that made the original SVT such a bass powerhouse. The SVT210AV is perfect for recording or live sound situations where the SVT 8 x 10 is too much horsepower, but you still want the SVT sound that has been the industry standard for nearly four decades. The perfect companion to the SVT210AV is the SVT Micro Head, a compact 150-watt head. For situations where you need SVT sound without SVT volume or girth, the SVT210AV is a perfect choice.

Ampeg SVT210AV at a Glance:

  • SVT sound
  • Perfect for lower volume situations

    SVT sound
    The sound and feel of the legendary SVT is alive and well in the SVT210AV. The Ampeg SVT210AV is the portable alternative to a full sized SVT cab. Ideal for bleed-sensitive recording situations where the SVT810AV can be too loud and live situations where it can be too large, the SVT210AV is designed using Ampeg's legendary Infinite Baffle system for maximum speaker efficiency and true Ampeg tone. All the punch and crunch that makes the full-sized SVT the sound of bass - a title the SVT has held since 1969 - is in there, just a bit less of it. Plus, its compact size makes it easier to lug from gig to gig that its bigger siblings that weigh in much heavier.

    Perfect for lower volume situations
    Sometimes the gig doesn't require the sheer amount of horsepower afforded by the size of the traditional SVT line. The SVT210AV fits this bill beautifully, with an ample-but-not-overpowering 200 watts of power handling at 8ohms. Don't forget the head with the SVT Micro Head.

    Ampeg SVT210AV Features:

  • LF Driver: 2 x 10" Eminence Speakers
  • RMS Power Handling: 200 Watts @ 8ohms
  • Frequency Response (-3dB): 58Hz-5kHz
  • Usable Low Frequency (-10dB): 40Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 1 x 8 ohms (Mono)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 13 x 24 x 11

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