Apollo Steel Gobos Wall/Floor/Backdrop Visuals GOBOS

Apollo Steel Gobos Wall/Floor/Backdrop Visuals


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Uses / Applications:

Gobos enhance design by creating great visuals on walls, floors, backdrops and other scenic elements. They can even be used in place of scenery. The appearance of the image can be affected and/or enhanced through the use of color filters and the angle and focus of the light being used, allowing for additional design flexibility. Gobos are ideal for temporary projects like corporate events, meetings and exhibits.

Features / Benefits:

Apollo metal gobos are made from an 8 mil stainless steel with a high quantity of nickel and chromium that provide longer life and image quality. The majority of alternative products on the market are made from a 5 mil stainless steel comprised of a large amount of carbon steel that begins to oxidize (rust) and breakdown in a shorter period of time. If a magnet sticks to the pattern, it is mainly carbon steel – which means it is not an Apollo pattern.


Apollo metal gobos are made from high quality stainless steel with a thickness of 8 mil that result in durable patterns able to withstand high heat generated from both ellipsoidal and intelligent lights.

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