A Practical Guide To Stage Lighting Second Edition By Steven Louis Shelley Fp198 Lighting & Rigging Books
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A Practical Guide To Stage Lighting, Second Edition by Steven Louis Shelley FP198


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by Steven Louis Shelley For anyone serious about a career in lighting design, this book is a must read. "A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting" is a nuts and bolts look at the construction and implementation of theatrical lighting design. Combining theory and application, this textbook provides a comprehensive analysis of lighting systems along with step-by-step examples and illustrations of the technical tools and methods. Readers will benefit from experience-based tips, techniques and traps to avoid in preparing and executing a lighting design. Stories explain why some techniques succeed while others fail. This book addresses the realities of working in the theater using practical methods to squeeze flexibility out of a lighting system and present solutions to common problems. Features: practical approach to lighting design and implementation; includes experience-based tips and traps to avoid throughout the book; full step-by-step information; thorough examination of the documents used to create the lighting design. (c)1999, 304 pages.

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