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Ashly Audio GQX-3102 Dual 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
The Ashly GQX-3102 is a graphic equalizer that features two channels of 31-band 1/3-octave EQ, a tunable high-pass filter circuit (8Hz to 200Hz), a switch-selectable cut or boost of either 6dB or 15dB. The full-throw faders are a custom-manufactured metal-shaft type, with the center detented position utilized as an "on/off" switch for that filter (to minimize any possible degradation in signal noise levels). and 10-segment, two color LED meter displays, referencing 0 VU to +4dBu.


  • Type: Active Balanced
  • Impedance: 20k ohm
  • Max. Level: +22dBu


  • Type: Servo-Balanced
  • Min. Load Impedance: 600 ohm:
  • Max. Level: +22dBu
  • Frequency Response ±.25dB 20Hz-20kHz:
  • IM Distortion (SMPTE): <0.01% @ +20dBu
  • THD (20Hz-20kHz): <0.01% @ +20dBu
  • Equivalent Input Noise (20Hz-20kHz):- 92dBu
  • Type: Constant Q/Wein-Bridge
  • Number: 2 X 31
  • Bandwidth: 1/3 Octave ISO Center
  • Tolerance: ±3%
  • Range: ±6 or 15dB
  • Subsonic Filter: 18dB/Octave @ 8-200Hz

Power Requirements: 120VAC, 50-60Hz, 17W
Shipping Weight: 15 lbs
Dimensions: 19"L x 5.25"H x 6"D
I/O Connectors: XLR, 1/4", and Barrier Strip

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