Behringer Cfm-2 Ultraglide Crossfader Module Dj Mixers
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Behringer CFM-2 Ultraglide Crossfader Module


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Behringer Ultraglide Crossfader Module CFM-2
Replacement Crossfader for: DDM4000/DDM2000/VMX1000/VMX300/VMX200/DJX700/DJX400/DX626/DX052 (Only for 4-Pin Cable Connector)

All electro-mechanical parts eventually wear down, especially the crossfaders on mixers - they undergo the wear and tear of heavy use. Our Crossfader Module gives mixers a second life. This replacement part protects the performance quality and the value of your favorite musical tool. You can even use the Crossfader Module to upgrade a second-hand mixer. With the Crossfader Module, your mixer will function reliably for many years to come

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