Boomwhackers 7-Note Bass Diatonic Set Bwjg Handheld Percussion
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Boomwhackers 7-note Bass Diatonic Set BWJG


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Boomwhackers 7-note Bass Diatonic Set (BWJG)

Set of 7 bass diatonic Boomwhackers. This set of Boomwhackers extends your range - middle C comes with the regular diatonic set (item 200346, available separately), and this set continues down 7 more notes to C below middle C. These plastic percussion tubes are played by (gently!) striking almost anything - a table, a chair, the floor, your thigh or hand, the side of your shoe... whatever!

Different surfaces can produce different sounds, but always the same musical pitch. Includes 7 pitches, starting at C below middle C; a different color is used for each pitch

  • low C (red)
  • D (orange)
  • E (yellow)
  • F (light green)
  • G (aqua)
  • A (violet)
  • B (fuchsia)
  • Tubes range in length from 24" - 48".

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