Boss BD-2 Blues Overdrive Effect Pedal


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Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Overdrive and Distortion Pedal

The Boss BD-2 delivers the creamy, yet crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps.


  • Classic "blues" guitar tones with tube amp simulation.
  • Warm distortion and overdrive.
  • Responds to nuance and volume changes.
  • AC adapter or 9V battery operation.
  • 5-year warranty.

    A Vintage Tube Amp Sound in a Compact Pedal
    Boss knows the sound that guitarists want and has the technological expertise to provide it, thanks to decades of experience in guitar-oriented products like the popular OD1 and DS1 compact pedals. Now Boss introduces the BD-2 Blues Driver - a compact pedal that gives you the classic, bluesy sound of a vintage tube amp. Whether it's on-stage, in the studio, or practicing at home, the BD-2 Blues Driver gives you that classic tube amp sound.

    The Roots of Great Sound
    The tube amp has given the guitar a rich history of great sounds, from smooth jazz to screaming rock to crying blues. And while the guitar is a naturally expressive instrument, the tube amp makes it even more expressive, bringing out the subtle nuances of different types of guitars, pickups, and playing styles. The tube amp has shared center stage with some of history's greatest guitarists and that same classic sound remains popular today. But with the BD-2 Blues Driver, you don't have to own a vintage tube amplifier - now you can get that same great sound and expressiveness in a compact pedal.


  • Controls Pedal: Switch, Level Knob, Tone Knob, Gain Knob
  • Indicator: CHECK Indicator (serves also as battery check indicator)
  • Connectors: Input Jack, Output Jack, AC Adapter Jack (9V DC)
  • Power Supply: 9V DC: Dry Battery 9V type (6F22/9V), AC Adapter
  • Current Draw: 13 mA (9V DC)
  • Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D): 3 x 4 x 1.06 in.
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs.

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