Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal


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Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal

Your Boss NS-2 noise suppressor pedal will keep your signal pristine and clean of hum, buzzes, or any other annoying and unwanted sounds. Its easy-to-engage stompbox-styled construction means every stomp will deliver effective noise suppression on demand. Threshold and decay dials allow you to dial in the suppression, and a mode control featuring reduction and mute settings give you some sonic flexibility. An input, a send, a return, and an output jack all deliver plenty of connectivity options. You'll know your noise suppressor pedal is working when the bright red reduction light flashes on, which is a nice visual aid to help you set your decay and threshold settings.

Reducing the Noise
The Boss NS-2 gives you the tools you need to clean up a noisy signal. Three dials pave your way for dialing in the noise suppression: threshold, decay, and a mode dial. The threshold dial sets the decibel level for when the pedal brings the suppression in. To its right, the decay control determines how long your notes or chords last before the suppression cuts the signal. You can play around with this control to smooth out the suppression, so your signal maintains a seamless and natural tonal contour, without all of the buzz or hum. The mode dial provides two universal settings: mute for a harsher noise cut, and reduction for a more natural suppression.

Tough Stompbox Chassis
You know you've seen it before on pedalboard after pedalboard: that instantly recognizable Boss stompbox look that has fueled so many axes' signals over the years. A compact size means that your NS-2 won't eat up too much space, and this pedal's tough outer chassis will consistently and reliably keep your signal free of noise stomp after stomp, gig after gig.


  • Noise suppressor pedal
  • Two 1/4" instrument inputs
  • Two 1/4" outputs
  • Threshold and decay control dials
  • Mode control features reduction and mute settings
  • Compact pedal board friendly size
  • Powered via 9 volt battery or PSA-120S adapter -- sold separately
  • Tough outer chassis
  • Can power seven other Boss effects units via PCS20A power connection cable


  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3 in

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