Casio CTK3000 61-Key Portable Keyboard - Touch Sensitive w/ 50 Rhythms KEYBOARDS & SYNTHESIZERS

Casio CTX3000 61-Key Portable Keyboard - Touch Sensitive w/ 50 Rhythms


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The CT-X Series comes with the AiX Sound Source, which can produce a wide range of sound qualities from powerful bass tones to clear high tones. The exceptional computing power of the high performance LSI reproduces the natural charm of acoustic instrument sounds, such as the agreeable change in tone when a piano key is struck, the sensation of a drum performance, or soaring strings. ​Dynamic tone changes also give its electronic sound exceptional expressiveness.​

    • 61-note keyboard with Touch Response
    • 800 Preset Tones / 235 Built-in Rhythms
    • Maximum Polyphony - 64
    • 6W+6W High output Amplifier
    • 10 Digital Reverb Effects
    • Audio input for an MP3 or CD Player
  • USB port for MIDI data transfer


As well as a 6W + 6W high output amplifier, the keyboard delivers a supremely realistic performance with powerful heavy bass, even when used alone without a PA system or external sound system, thanks to the high performance bass reflex speakers equipped with large magnets, and especially the newly designed bass reflex speaker enclosure that emphasizes low frequency.


High Performance DSP and System Effects
100 preset types of DSP effect let you alter tones so they sound exactly as you imagined. Includes reverb, chorus and delay system effects. Effects can be adjusted on the fly, so you can give full expression to your music during live performances.

Extensive Registration Functionality Lets You Save Your Favourite Settings
Save up to 128 detailed keyboard setups, including tones, rhythms and tempo. Load and switch between them instantly as and when needed to deliver a gripping stage performance.

Record Phrases and Play Back with Phrase Pads
Record phrases so they're ready to use at the crucial moment, and play them instantly, at the touch of a button. Easily create tracks which one person alone couldn't perform, like band or ensemble performances, by recording overdubbed playback from the four phrase pads.


17 track MIDI recorder to record your original music
The keyboard comes with a 16 track + 1 system track MIDI recorder so you can record up to 10 original songs with around 40,000 notes each. It also supports step recording and editing of recorded data. Take advantage of multi-track recording, recording individual instrument parts on separate tracks before bringing the whole piece together.

42-Channel Mixer combines multiple parts at will
The keyboard has a multi-channel mixer, ideal for mixing down. Refine expression during performances or make fine adjustments to music by controlling tone and effects channel by channel.

User-Created Rhythms
You can create original accompaniment patterns with up to 8 parts. They keyboard also has a full range of editing functions, such as: an easy edit function to create your own rhythm from a built-in one; a real-time recording function for directly entering and saving rhythms; or mixer settings for controlling the balance of each track or effect levels.


• 61 standard size keys
• Touch Response: Sensitivity 3 types, Off
Maximum Polyphony: 64 notes (32 for certain tones)
• Preset Tones: 800
• User Tones: 100
• Other: Layer, split (configurable split point, lower point, chord point settings)
System Effects:
• Reverb: 24 types, Off
• Chorus: 12 types, Tones
• Delay: 15 types, Tones
• DSP: 100 types (Can be applied to user tones using DSP editing.), DSP tones
Master Effects: Equalizer (10 presets)
External Input Effects: Center cancel (vocal cut) for input from the Audio In jack
• Beat: 0 (accented tone off), 1 to 16
• empo: Tempo value: 20 to 255
Demo Songs: 3
Song Bank:
• Built-in Songs: 30
• User-recorded Songs: 10
• USB Memory Songs: Playback of standard MIDI files (SMF format 0/1), CASIO MIDI files (CMF format) on a USB flash drive is supported.
USB Audio Playback:
• Playback of audio files on a USB flash drive is supported.
• Supported File Formats: WAV format, 44.1 kHz 16 bit
• Other Functions: Center Cancel (Vocal Cut)
Auto Accompaniment:
• Built-in Rhythms: 235
• User Rhythms: 50
• One Touch Presets 235
Music Presets: 310 (With chord progressions)
Phrase Pads:
• Number of Pads: 4
• User Phrases: 100 (4 phrases x 25 pads)
• Editing Mode: Copy, delete, phrase editing
Mixer function:
• Affected Parts: Sound source parts, microphone input part
• Parameters: Part on/off, volume, pan, reverb send, chorus send, delay send
Registration: Maximum 128 setups (8 setups x 16 banks), registration sequence
Tone Editing:
• Preset tone editing, DSP editing
• Memory for storage of edited tones (up to 100)
Rhythm Editing:
• New rhythm creation, rhythm editing
• Memory for storage of created/edited rhythms (up to 50)
MIDI Recorder:
• Real-time recording, playback
• Keyboard Performance Recording: 10 songs, 17 tracks (1 system track, 16 solo tracks)
• Memory Capacity: Approximately 40,000 notes (per song)
• Editing Mode: Song editing, track editing, event editing, step input
• Other Functions: Overdubbing, punch-in recording
Pedals: Sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm/song, expression
Controllers: Pitch bend wheel, SUSTAIN button, PORTAMENTO button
Other Functions:
• Transpose: +/-1 octaves (-12 to 0 to +12 semitones)
• Octave Shift: Upper 1/Upper 2/Lower 1/Lower 2, +/-3 octaves
• Tuning: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)
• Part coarse tune: For each keyboard part, 2 octaves (-24 to 0 to +24 semitones)
• Part fine tune: For each keyboard part, 99 cents
• Scales: 17 preset scales, scale fine tuning
• Auto Harmonize: 12 types
• Arpeggiator: 150 types
MIDI: 16ch multi-timbre received, GM Level 1 standard
• USB Flash Drive Port: Type A
• USB Port: Type B
• Pedal 1 Jack: Standard jack
• Pedal 2, Expression Jack: Standard jack
• Headphones Jack: Stereo standard jack
• Audio Input Jack: Stereo mini jack/Input impedance 9 kΩ, Input sensitivity 200 mV
Power Jack: DC 12V
Power Supply:
• 2-way
• AC Adaptor: AD-A12150LW
• Batteries: 6 D-size alkaline batteries
• Battery Life: Approximately 10 hours continuous
• Auto Power Off: Approximately 30 minutes after last operation; Can be disabled.
Speakers: 10cm x 2 (Output: 6W + 6W)
Power Consumption: 8W
Dimensions: W 94.8 x D 38.4 x H 11.6 cm
Weight: Approximately 6.9 kg (without batteries)
Included Accessories: Music stand, AC adaptor

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