Clearsonic A2-4 Acrylic Shield System Drum Shields
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Clearsonic A2-4 Acrylic Shield System 24"H X 48'W A1224X4


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Clearsonic A2-4 Clear Acrylic Panels
Each A2 panel is 1'W x 2'H. The most common arrangement of A2 panels is the A2-4, which consists of four sections. Designed for guitar speaker cabinets, the A2-4 allows a player to drive the amp and speaker to the level needed to reach the overdrive "sweet spot", without projecting all of the volume forward. Used with an S4-2, this system helps reduce stage volume and clean up stage sound without sacrificing your desired guitar tone

Clearsonic A2-4 contains:

  • 2' high x 4' wide, 4-section CSP

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