Clearsonic Sorber Panel S5-2D


  • $299.95

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ClearSonic S5-2 Sorber Panel
Overall Size: 4' wide x 66" Tall

Foldable: The S5-2 panel actually consists of 2 panels each 2' wide allowing you to folds the panel in half for easy storage and it includes a handle allowing one person to easily carry multiple units.

Noise Reduction: Sorber panels offer a NRC .90

Portable: SORBER baffles are very light! The S5-2 only weighs 19 pounds.

Freestanding panels (Gobos) or wall mount sound absorbing panels: Set up S5-2 Sorber panels in freestand mode and use them as a very efficient Gobo allowing you to reconfigure your room setup quickly and easily. If desired, Sorber panels can be mounted against a surface using standard Velcro hook.

Durable: Made from a super tough carpet "trunk" cloth that can take the abuse of the road.

Color Choices: The Sorber Panels are offered in light and dark gray cloth that look great from either side.

Economical: Compare price and you will see that the ClearSonic products are very affordable.

Fire Resistant: All SORBER products have a Class A fire rating with a Flame Spread index of 0 and a Smoke Developed index of 65. Testing was performed by Omega Point Lab using the ASTM E84 Test Standard.

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