Crate 50 Watt Battery Combo Guitar Combo Amps

Crate 50 Watt Battery Combo


  • $399.95


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The Crate TX50DB is the perfect choice for performers who refuse to be held hostage by wall outlets. With its specially designed 10" woofer and piezo tweeter, the TX50DB delivers 50 watts of clean, full-range power, plus the onboard DSP makes digital effects processing a cinch.

Housed in a custom-designed wood enclosure, the TX50DB is rugged, road-ready, and supremely transportable. The heavy-duty battery provides up to 8 hours of rock solid performance. And the TX50DB offers performance features you’d be hard pressed to find on lesser models, such as a footswitch option so you can jump between sparkling clean and smooth distortion modes, or an onboard 3-band EQ on both the instrument and mic channels.

The TX50DB also provides 8 stunning digital effects, dual RCA inputs for a CD/MP3 player or drum machine, and a headphone jack. A 120V charger/adapter is included for standard operation and recharging the battery. Supremely portable, superbly Crate—the TX50DB.

  • Special design Crate 10" speaker
  • 50 watts RMS
  • Instrument Channel: 1/4" input
  • Microphone Channel: XLR input and 1/4" input
  • 3-band EQ, level control
  • 8-program DSP selector

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