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D'Addario Guitar Strings - ECG25


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D'Addario ECG-25 Electric Guitar Strings - Chromes, Flat Wound, Light, 3 Sets

Chromes offer a smooth feel and great tone. Nickel plated steel under winding on hex cores with chrome ribbon winding. 3 polishing steps produce an incredibly smooth finish.

Each and every spool of precision drawn high carbon steel wire D'addario uses goes through three quality control tests before it becomes a set of D'addario strings. Pioneering innovative string design has been a D'Addario family tradition for nine generations. Most guitar players don't realize that the inner core wire in ALL D'Addario steel strings is made from carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel wire. The six "edges" of the core wire bite into the softer wrap wire, securing it all along its length.

Technical InfoZ:
Gauges: .012; .016; .024; .032; .042; .052

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