Digitech DOD-RUBBERNECK Analog Delay Pedal


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The new DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay has double the features with the cool new double-wide chassis. The Rubberneck boasts over a second of warm and musical 100% analog repeats you crave, along with tap-tempo, subdivisions, and tails. Double concentric knobs give you independent control of the Modulation Rate and Depth as well as Gain and Tone of the delay.

More Details

Double footswitches allow for unique extended features like user customizable momentary control of oscillation and momentary control of the dizzying pitch sweep of “Rubbernecking.” These extended features are controlled by individual clear mini knobs that double as multi-color LED status indicators. Feedback loop send/return, remote footswitch control, true bypass, and rugged metal construction, make the Rubberneck Analog Delay the must have delay of the year.

The Rubberneck also has jacks to allow FS3X 3-button remote foot switching, and a send and return so you can add external effects to the delay path.

The DOD Rubberneck uses a 9VDC power supply to easily integrate into your existing pedalboard.


  • Up to 1.5 Seconds of Analog Delay
  • Tap Tempo with 3 Tap Ratio selections
  • Rubbernecking allows ‘rubber band’ stretched delay performance
  • Modulation Speed and Depth controls
  • Delay Gain and Tone controls
  • Regen footswitch provides performance control of repeats
  • Loop Send/Return inserts effects into delay feedback path
  • Delay Tails and Dry Signal defeat options
  • Remote footswitch input for added performance control
  • True Bypass



DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Tips and Tricks:


“Repeat Hold” and the Regen Momentary Repeats Knob Connection

    1. When a suitable momentary Regen Adjust setting has been found you may want to keep it going to either play over (by bypassing the Rubberneck with Tails ON) or to add to the mayhem.  This is accomplished by holding down the Tap-Tempo footswitch to allow regen to begin, then turning the repeats knob to roughly 3:00 and then release the momentary.  The repeating part will continue to play and can be manipulated on the fly.

Simulating Tape Delay

    1. To simulate flutter and stretch, set the Rate at ~1:00 and the Depth at ~2:30-3:00
    2. Set the tone @ ~1:30-2:00, this will cut the bass on successive repeats like a tape delay.

Encouraging Oscillation

    1. By turning up the Gain control
    2. By turning up the Tone control

Killing Oscillation

    1. Turn down the Repeats control
    2. Turn down the Gain control
    3. Keep the Momentary Regen Adjust all the way counter-clockwise, then when you hold down the momentary control it will kill any current regen/oscillation

Tapping in Tempo While Bypassed

    1. Tap Tempo is still being sensed when the Rubberneck is bypassed, so tempos can be set at any time.

Initial Repeat Too “Crunchy”

    1. With very sharp and loud pick attack the input to the BBD may be hot enough to cause distortion, while this is part of the sound of the Rubberneck, it can also be minimized.  To help smooth the repeat attack try setting the Gain control to ~9:00.  This will round-off the initial attack transient.

Neato Modulation Anomalies

    1. There are a couple of locations in the travel of the Modulation Depth where the modulation nulls and the waveform gets a little chaotic just before and just after the null.  We chose to keep these in because there are some very cool sounds to be found on either side of the null.


Optional FS3X 3-Button Footswitch Control

The optional FS3X controls the following features from Left to Right:

Switch 1:  Instant Rubbernecking

Switch 2:  Modulation on/off

Switch 3:  Tap Tempo (momentary hold for Oscillation)


Dimensions 5.00” (L) x 4.68” (W) x 2.17” (H) / 122mm (L) x 119mm (W) x 55mm (H)
Weight ~1.12 lbs. / 0.508 kgs.
Input (1) ¼” Instrument
Send / Return (1) ¼” TRS Send (Tip) / Return (Ring)
Output (1) ¼” Instrument
External 3-Button Footswitch Input (1) ¼” TRS Instrument
Chassis All Metal
Power Supply 9V DC Optional Power Supply

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