Dw Drums Dwcp2002 Workshop Double Kick Drum Pedal Kick Drum Pedals
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DW Drums DWCP2002 Workshop Double Kick Drum Pedal


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Drum Workshop DWCP2002 Double Kick Drum Pedal
Double trouble for your kick drum, with DW quality.
101 2-way beaters
Industry-standard reversible beaters, with high-impact plastic and felt surfaces to cover a range of musical applications.

Single-chain cams
Chain-and-sprocket design with offset cams for quick response.

Single-post casting
DW's double pedal design provides ease of movement between the pedal and hi-hat, which allows the pedals to be played independently or simultaneously.

Steel base plates
Provide a sturdy foundation and insures nonskid play on carpet and other flooring surfaces via adjustable spikes and Velcro®.

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  • Single-chain drives
  • 2-way beaters
  • Single-post casting

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