Emg Sc1 Sro Open Coil Single Pickup Set Single Coil Pickups
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EMG SC1 SRO Open Coil Single Coil Pickup Set


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EMG SC1 SRO Open Coil Single Coil Pickup Set Single-coil pickups with Alnico V magnets for warm, clear tone.

EMG SC1 SRO single-coil pickups offer a combination of warm, clear tone with the traditional percussive attack of pole-pieces. SRO SC1 guitar pickups were designed with Alnico V bar magnets specifically wound for neck, middle, and bridge positions. The result is an enhancement to the classic Strat pickup with a bright top, warm mids, and just the right amount of low-end. The EMG SC1 SRO pickup set is a perfect upgrade to any single-coil electric guitar.


  • Open-coil design
  • Warm, clear tone
  • Alnico V Bar magnets
  • Get a new sound from your favorite guitar!


  • SC1-N and SC1-M specs:
  • Inductance : 2.8K h
  • DC resistance: 6.36K ohms
  • BSC1-B specs: Inductance: 2.75 h
  • DC resistance: 6.35K ohms

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