Eminence Legend Gb12-8 Guitar Speakers Guitar Speakers

Eminence Legend GB12-8 Guitar Speakers


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Eminence Guitar Legends are specially designed for electric guitar amplifiers. Tuned by skilled ears, these hand-built specials feature a range of materials and ideas from nearly 40 years experience. Models such as the LEGEND B15, 121 and Modeling 12 are state of the art designs which meet the modern-day demand for power handling while other models feature vintage magnet and cone materials to recreate the traditional sounds of lead and jazz guitar. The most difficult aspect of presenting a guitar speaker to the world is being able to describe its tonal characteristics. Your choice of guitar speakers is at least as important as your choice of pickups or strings. Just as you customize a guitar to suit your sound, so too can you customize — or ‘hot rod’ — your combo with Eminence loudspeakers. Eminence is fortunate to have one of the foremost authorities on guitar and amplifier tone in the music industry as an endorsing artist. Greg Martin, lead guitarist for the Kentucky Headhunters, was kind enough to lend his ears and hands in an effort to present to you the most realistic and accurate tonal descriptions for each of the Eminence Guitar Legends.


For all high power guitar applications including bass guitar. A British-made cone and Eminence technology combined in this model yield super cool definition with lots of punch. This is Greg Martin's* favorite speaker! He has four of them in a Marshall cabinet. The GB12 is less muddy and has a tighter top end than original Greenbacks. The improved definition is apparent even when playing with distortion. A Strat, 'The Twin' and a pair of Legend GB12's are awesome together. The low-end is very powerful. When playing clean, the tone is distinctively Country. When playing dirty, it lends an almost eerie Stevie Ray vibe. With a Les Paul, Greg played Clapton, Betts, Gibbons, and BB King styles and all the while the GB12 was producing the classic tones of these legendary artists. The GB12's performed nicely powered by the Top Hat as well. With a Strat, think early Billy Gibbons. The tone is punchy yet singing when playing way up on the neck. The speakers break up at just the right time.


  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Power Rating: 50Wrms
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 1.75", 44.5mm
  • Coil Material: Copper
  • Flat/Round Coil Wire: Round
  • Coil Former Material: Paper
  • Basket Type: Stamped Steel
  • Cone Surround Material: Paper
  • Dust Cap Material: Zurette
  • Magnet Weight: 38oz.
  • Usable Bandwidth (Fs to -3dB): 80Hz - 5.5kHz
  • SPL: 101dB

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