Ernie Ball Mammoth Slinky 12-62 Electric Strings - 2214EB GUITAR STRINGS
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Ernie Ball Mammoth Slinky 12-62 Electric Strings - 2214EB


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Ernie Ball welcomes its heaviest string set to the world-famous Slinky line of electric guitars strings. Mammoth slinky have been specifically developed for ultra-low tunings including drop A, drop B and C standard while providing the same iconic tone and feel Slinkys are known for. Mammoth Slinky strings are ideal for players who prefer a powerful and heavy set of strings delivering punishing low end and a brutally thick tone with optimal tension and definition. Mammoth Slinky sets also feature nickel-plated steel wrap wire around a steel-plated hex core for that iconic Slinky feel and tone that players have relied on for decades.

- Bright, balanced tone
- Classic Slinky feel
- Wound strings wrapped with nickel-plated steel around tin-plated high carbon steel hex cores
- Optimal for lowered tunings (Drop A, Drop B, and C standard)
- Tin-plated high carbon steel plain strings
- Mammoth Slinky (12, 16, 24w, 34, 48, 62)

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