Electro-Voice R300-Hd Uhf Hand-Held Microphone Hand Held Wireless Systems
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Electro-Voice R300-HD UHF Hand-Held Microphone


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Electro-Voice R300-HD - Handheld Wireless Microphone
The EV R300 HD wireless microphone system blurs the lines of value-meets-quality-meets-affordability like never before. It is designed for House Of Worship, Night Club sound, Sporting Events or anywhere where high-quality, crystal-clear sound is needed. A sturdy metal rack-mountable receiver paired with a resilient metal bodypack transmitter, along with EVÕs unique One-Touch ClearScan and EZsynch features make up the incredibly easy to setup and use R300 wireless system.

HT-300 handheld transmitter
The HT-300 handheld transmitter features EVÕs PL22 dynamic cardioid mic element. ItÕs perfectly balanced for the honest reproduction of the spoken word, singing, or announcing in a crowded venue. The cardioid pattern does an amazing job of rejecting surrounding noise thus minimizing feedback even when set to high output volume.

The R300 HD Receiver
The R300 HD receiver offers the perfect balance of user-friendliness and simple operation while adorned with some useful, professional features not commonly found on a wireless receiver at this price point. The durably constructed, all metal R300 wireless receiver can either be set on a table top or rackmounted using EVÕs standard rackmounting kit for one or two units. It takes up just a single rack space and provides flexible antenna mounting options including the ability to mount them on the front of the kit. You can also combine up to 4 units to one set of antennas and power them with just one AC adaptor (APD-4+). A clear, easy-to-read LCD display provides a readout of all your settings as well as a battery life gauge. The display is easy to read even in low-light environments. There are 32 preset channels with compatible groups of 8 channels for simultaneous use.


  • Designed for Club Sound, House of Worship, Performance & Sports Venues, and other applications.
  • ClearScan finds the clearest channel available with the touch of one button
  • EZsync infrared channel transfer from the receiver to the transmitter for easy and error-free setup
  • PL22 cardioid dynamic microphone element for crisp, clear vocals in any application
  • 14 hour battery life from two AA alkaline batteries
  • Rugged metal transmitters with backlit LCD display and battery gauge
  • 32 preset channels, with compatible groups of 8 channels for simultanious use
  • Detachable half-wave receiver TNC antennas allow for use with the APD4+ antenna distribution system
  • Metal receiver chassis with optional rack mount ears and front mount antenna cables

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