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Focus On Lighting by Richard Cadena ETP04


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Everything you always wanted to know about entertainment lighting but were afraid you would be too bored if you asked! Richard Cadena's concise work unravels the mechanics behind modern performance lighting and appeals to designers and technicians alike. Packed with clear, easy-to-read diagrams, the book provides excellent explanations behind the technology that is used on a daily basis in the lighting industry - often taken for granted, but rarely explained. The workings of dimmers and DMX transmission are clearly explained, along with Advanced Control Networks. For technicians there is an insight into power supplies, basic electrical theory and protection, and the mechanics of moving lights. For designers, there is an explanation of the scientific method of comparing brightness, which makes an excellent complement to the chapter on the Inverse Square Law, and a look into how dichroic filters work in comparison to traditional 'gels'. It provides the designer with an informed choice when selecting colour media. In total, the book shows the route that lighting technology has taken to where it is today, and an insight into what future technology is likely to bring the lighting industry.

tents by chapter:

  • 1.

    Your Marks, Get Set_ - What is this kinetic entity we call the entertainment lighting industry?

  • 2.

    Generation DMX - The DMX512 control protocol and what it means. a. Binary Building Blocks - What is binary and why do we care? b. 512, 513, Whatever it Takes - Bits and bytes. c. Decoding DMX d. DMX cable - Quality or quantity?

  • 3.

    Advanced Control Network - What's in store for the future of control protocol.

  • 4.

    What Temperature Is That Colour? - Color temperature for the masses.

  • 5.

    Apples To Apples - How do you measure light output?

  • 6.>/b> Eli the Iceman Cometh - Power factor and power factor correction.

  • 7.

    Dimming Dem Doggone Lights - How does a dimmer work and what is the future of dimming technology? a. Forward Phase Control b. Controlling With Silicon - SCR's and triacs c. Choking the Current - current chokes d. Reverse Phase Control - The future of dimming technology? e. Breaking the Choke Hold - Chokeless dimming f. Stoopid Dimming Tricks

  • 8.

    Real Lighting Techs - A tribute to Bill McCarty, lighting tech a. Be Prepared b. Work Hard c. Study Your Craft d. Share Your Good Fortune e. Have a Good Attitude f. Enjoy Life

  • 9.

    The Inverse Square Law - Diverging light. a. Getting Around the Law b. Photometrics c. The Inverse of the Inverse Square Law

  • 10.

    Achromatic Lenses - What do the specs mean? a. Refraction b. Dispersion c. Aberration d. Achromatic Lenses

  • 11.

    Circuit Breakers - Thermal versus Magnetic a. Getting Hot and Bothered b. Tripping with Magnetism

  • 12.

    Step This Way - Stepper motors and Microstepping a. Servo Motors and Pencil Shavings b. Stepper Motors and Sensors c. One Small Step, One Even Smaller Step d. Stepping Into the Microcosm e. Three Phase Stepper Motors

  • 13.

    Switching to Energy Efficient Power Supplies - Electronic switching power supplies and magnetic ballast power supplies; how do they differ and what are the advantages of each?

  • 14.

    Dichroic Filters and Glass Gobos - What are they? How are they made? Why are they better? a. Dichroic Filters b. Building a Better Mousetrap c. Got Glass Gobos? d. Photolithography

  • 15.

    Reflector Geometry - Why is this light brighter but that one is prettier? a. Tennis Anyone? b. Read My Ellipse

  • 16.

    Technology Crystal Ball - What's in store for the future of automated lighting? (c)2002, 120 pages.


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