Gator Gr8L 8U Polyethylene 19 Rack 19.5 Deep Locking Lids Rack Cases

Gator GR8L 8U Polyethylene 19" Rack, 19.5" deep, Locking Lids


  • $479.00


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Gator’s deluxe rack cases are molded from incredibly durable high-density military grade Polyethylene. This lightweight yet super strong material insures maximum protection at a weight you can easily handle. The cases have 19.5” of rackable depth with front and rear threaded rack rails that are field replaceable. Exclusive to the Gator racks are locking front and rear lids. Sloped side handles molded from Polyethylene make them comfortable to carry when the racks are loaded and they are virtually indestructible. The ridges on the top and bottom make them universally stackable with Gator racks and those of other manufacturers. The latches are strong twist style and are designed to take the beatings of a rack on the road. When buying a new rack we dare you to compare!!! Gator racks offer the best materials, features and price!

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