High End Systems Used Trackspot intelligent light - qty of 20 available


  • $250.00

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Trackspot features eight richly saturated dichroic colors (plus white) and a 5600° color corrector. The ten-position gobo wheel has eight patterns, including two multi-colored dichroic patterns plus one replaceable template position. The sound to light feature allows the light to move automatically based on the music that’s playing. So with its many options, Trackspot will enhance any club’s atmosphere with a wide range of exciting colors and patterns. FEATURES:
  • Color wheel features 8 colors, including 1 CTB color corrector, and 1 open position
  • Gobo wheel has 8 etched positions and 1 replaceable position
  • Variable strobe
  • Electronic circuit design for 100% dimming
  • 32 pre-programmed effects sequences
  • Built-in condenser microphone for sound-to-light


  • High resolution micro-stepping motor control for smooth motion at all speeds
  • Computer designed optical components for maximum light efficiency
  • Easy maintenance access

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