Hohner Old Standby 34B/d Diatonic Classic Beginners Harmonica - Key Of D Harmonicas
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Hohner Old Standby 34B/D Diatonic Classic Beginners Harmonica - Key of D


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Hohner 34 Old Standby Harmonica - Key of D 

Perfect for harmonica beginners and hobbyists, this is classic harmonica sound with its own case.Your faithful friend. Whether you're riding high, singing the blues or just waiting on a train, this is the harp that will get you through. Take it with you wherever you go. A longtime favorite of many Country artists, this harp is always ready to express your spontaneous musical soul.


  • The Old Standby has standard tuning
  • High-quality construction with 10 holes and 20 plastic reeds
  • Richter tuning and undivided air channels allow for techniques such as bending and overblowing reeds
  • Plastic body with plated stainless steel cover featuring classic anchor logo
  • Includes pull-apart plastic case

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