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Line 6 PODXT-LIVE Modelling Guitar Preamp


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Line 6 Pod XT Live

PODXT Live is an uncomplicated, gig-ready tone machine that’s portable and adaptable to different real world stage and recording environments. PODXT Live can be used as the ultimate multi-effects pedal in front of any guitar amp, as a complete direct PA solution, or as the world-standard guitar recording workhorse in the studio. At the center of PODXT Live is an incredible gathering of over 80 must-have stompbox and studio effects models. This handpicked collection of hits from our award-winning PODxt, stompbox modelers and Vetta II will give you rich and deliciously detailed tones at the touch of a footswitch. Effects can be positioned in front (stompbox-style) and behind (studio-post) the Amp and Cab models, giving you organic and dynamic tones normally available in only the most high-end guitar stage rigs. Based on the most prized amplifiers in the history of guitar, PODXT Live features 36 classic and modern amp models and 24 cab models, all run through 4 incredibly precise and dynamic microphone model options to provide a complete tonal palette for any type of live gig or studio session. This amazing collection of Line 6 Amp Models has been used on countless hit recordings and tours and is now on the floor at your disposal. PODXT Live has 128 presets ready for instant recall via large, stage-ready channel footswitches. They come pre-programmed with a set of sounds to run in front of an amp, and another set for direct recording. Plus there's the vast online tone library with thousands of tones professionally programmed to nail the signature sounds of the greatest guitarists, bands, songs and gear of all time. Features also include a large backlit display, dedicated stompbox on/off switches, combination wah/volume/tweak pedal, tap tempo/tuner switch, an expression pedal input, stereo 1/4-inch analog outs to feed an amp or line inputs, headphone out, aux input for your CD/MP3 player or drum machine, MIDI, and USB computer connectivity for digital I/O, plus deep editing using the free, downloadable Line 6 Edit or GuitarPort software. PODXT Live of course has a standard analog guitar input - with a selectable pad and adjustable level to handle even super hot active pickup outputs and high output level stompboxes. But there’s also a Variax guitar digital connection. Now a Variax's collection of acoustic and electric guitar models, plus PODXT Live’s assortment of amps, cabs, and effects can ALL be instantly transformed into virtually any guitar-effect-amp rig with just the press of a footswitch. POD is the world standard for guitar tone in studios around the world, and with PODXT Live, you can have total control of that history making tone at your feet.

Pro Tone On The Floor

  • Over 80 Stompbox and Studio Effects
  • 36 Legendary and Classic Amp Models
  • 24 Cab & 4 Mic models
  • 128 Channel Memories
  • Stereo 1/4-inch analog Amp/Line Outs
  • Variax Digital Input
  • Built-in Chromatic Tuner
  • Large Backlit Display
  • Dedicated Stompbox On/Off Switches
  • Tap Tempo/Tuner Switch
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Headphone Out and Aux Input for CD/MP3 players, drum machines, etc
  • Full MIDI Support
  • USB Digital Recording I/O - Plus, Mac/PC editing with free Line 6 Edit or GuitarPort software

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